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Love Rhythm.      Love Music.      Learn to Drum.

Dr.um provides quality drum tuition in Central Warwickshire for all ages and abilities, for  Drum Beginners and for Advanced Drum Musicians. Based in Leamington Spa, lessons are given by experienced teachers in the area’s longest established Drum Centre. Dr.um has been a Hub of Drum Education for fifteen years. Students can  choose acoustic or electric lessons, with specialist teachers. Dr.um’s Acoustic Studio is in Victoria Business Centre. We have five kits of all different kinds  there and a library of cymbals to suit any style of music.  In our Dr.um Drum Shop on Regent Street  we host lessons in two practice rooms kitted out with electric drums. Here too, whether acoustic or electric kit is your passion, we can design a full drum kit for you to buy or help you match existing kit for a sound you love.

Students learning on acoustic kits will uncover new skills in Drum Dynamics, Drum Tone and Control, as well as learning the lost art of Drum Tuning. This is definitely recommended for students wanting to progress to Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Music and develop Performance skills on their Drums.

We really do cater for all ages and abilities. From the youngest beginners to the not-so-young beginners, for those wanting to rekindle old skills or advance their jazz chops or for those who want only to  play for the love of it, we have teachers and lessons. We can show you the way if you are in a band and want to 'grow your band'; change its direction, play new styles and rhythms, Dr.um lessons now extend to percussion! We can lend a hand if you’re into djembe, congas or cajons or want to know about triangles, tambourines or tabla! All Drumming is here.

Band Skills

 Drum Rumba, Rock, Funk and Fusion. Our teachers can help you practise  the rhythms of many styles of music on your drums and cymbals. We use play-along  in the lesson studio and backing tracks you can work to at home in your individual practice.

Performance  Drum Solo Skills

 You  may want to 'blaze around the kit'  or please your audience with a gentle  Solo improvised on riffs and patterns you really like. Drum Improvisation is a skill and our teachers are keen to help you learn how and to prepare your own Solo performances. 

Drumming Awards and Certificates

We are a Grading Centre for Drum and Percussion Certificates. All students are given individually tailored lessons, and this can include grading in either of the  popular boards on request. We have successfully guided 100% of our grading students,  over our15 year history, through to Pass or Higher Certificates. We believe our students' successes come because we like to get our students through grading quickly, and grade lessons are given as a supplement to what we already teach

Record Your Own CD

We offer a package, where we can prepare a performance with you and your band and then,with our links to a local Sound Studio with an excellent Sound Engineer, we can facilitate your own CD.


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